Thursday, March 29, 2012

Flight Crew Reports Unruly Kids at Portland, Ore

The crew of a SkyWest Inc.-operated Alaska Airlines plane asked Port of Portland police to meet their incoming flight from Long Beach, Calif., after 2 young children refused to stay in their seats and buckle their seat belts.

Airline spokeswoman Marianne Lindsey says port police talked with the family of 2 adults and 2 children, aged 3 and 8, after the flight landed Tuesday night at Portland International Airport. Lindsey says an Alaska Airlines supervisor then talked to the family about the need to comply with federal air regulations that children must remain buckled in their seats for safety.

The spokeswoman says the supervisor then escorted the family to make their connecting Alaska Airlines flight from Portland to Seattle. Lindsey says that flight was uneventful.

She declined to release any additional information about the family, citing privacy concerns.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Save a Ton on Your Journey by Booking Business Class Air Ticket

In this modern era where most of us lead a hectic life, we tend to travel a lot to cater our business requirements. Businessmen are often referred to as frequent flyers in the airline industry. If you are one among them serving the corporate world and if you do tend to travel a lot on business ventures, you've got to travel by business class. The sole reason for you to do so is that you can save a lot on journey as business flight tickets are highly cheap and quite affordable by anyone and everyone.

Of course, you can argue that economy class provides you a much cheaper option for your journey. But everyone seeks for valuable services for the money you shed in for your journey. Everyone wants to travel comfortably if not luxuriously. For the latter, there is only choice or mode of travel for your journey and that is first class journey. Nevertheless, business class services are almost as good as the services you may find in first class travel. You got most of the features that are available in first class, in business class as well. Business class airline services have become highly popular ever since they were introduced. The fact that in the last decade or so, the amount of passengers commuting by flights have tripled, especially business class passengers itself stands as a testimony for the above statement. As a frequent flyer it is the best way for you to fly as you can save a lot and experience a wonderful and comfortable journey by all means.

Discount business class travel is highly predominant as there are several websites online sharing details about several airline service providers as well as merchandising business class tickets to several parts around the world at discounted prices. You are always bound to find a great deal when you plan your trip at the earliest and book your tickets as soon as possible for your journey. Simultaneously off season traveling is very beneficial as it helps you to save more on your journeys. You can also become a member of airline service provider’s packages such as mileage programs and many more which helps you to score brownie points and get additional discounts and upgrades on your tickets every now and then during your journeys.