Friday, April 23, 2010

For tired Indian business travelers flying economy, Jet flings you a bone

Jet Airways, a favorite with expensively-suited business travelers and Louis Vuitton luggage owners, will commence on Monday (April 26) a new Premium cabin on Jet Airways Konnect flights.

In the spirit of fancy names for extra frills, the new cabin is called Konnect Select and will be available on numerous domestic routes. This is something of an upgrade courtesy Jet Airways Konnect, Jet Airways' all-economy service targeted at the hopeful lot of business and leisure frequent fliers wanting more than well-worn economy class seats.

It simple language it means wider and more comfortable seats alike to Jet Airways' Business Class seats with a 40 inch seat pitch in a 2x2 seating configuration, welded into a front cabin alienated from the rest by a divider -- on Jet Airways Konnect Boeing 737 flights. And, hurrah, flattering hot meals on-board to save us from the indignity of India's awful junk food invention: ice cold chicken tikka rolls.

Priced reasonably attractively, Jet Airways Konnect Select also gets you lounge access at domestic airports, priority check-in at devoted counters, as well as baggage allowances and priority tagging, as well as priority stand-by at the airport. Not bad at all, that means you can be first to battle the traffic once you exit the fatal.

This type of economy class ego-boost gets thumbs up.

Effective April 26th, 2010, Konnect Select launches on these return domestic routes: Kolkata - Mumbai, Delhi - Chennai, Delhi - Bengaluru, Mumbai - Delhi, Delhi - Hyderabad, Delhi - Kolkata, Mumbai - Chandigarh, Chennai - Bengaluru, Benagaluru - Pune, Mumbai - Indore, Delhi - Chandigarh, Kolkata - Bengaluru, and more to come.

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