Wednesday, February 23, 2011

RFID TagSource launches RFID for the aircraft industry

RFID TagSource launches RFID
RFID TagSource announced the launch of the AeroTag family, a high memory passive RFID tag designed specifically for use in the aircraft industry.

The new tags have been developed within the guidelines set by the Air Transport Association and meet ATA Spec2000 and SAE-AS5678 specifications. They boast four-kilobytes of memory and a lightweight rugged design, which makes them well-suited for manufacturers supporting the Airbus A350 XWB RFID initiative.

Enabling aircraft industries to store maintenance history information directly on aircraft parts, the AeroTag product line features integrated circuits from Tego. AeroTags outfitted with Tego silicon can be configured to store up to 32-kilobytes of data.

The EPC Class 1 Gen2 tags operate in the 860-960 MHz frequency range and are made of a durable fire resistant plastic that is capable of withstanding temperatures up to 158° F (70° C).

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