Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Air Carrier Association of America

Air Carrier Association of America
Founded in February 1997, the members of the Air Carrier Association of America have brought affordable airfares to the American traveler. The deregulation of the airline industry was based upon new entry, open markets, and a level playing field. Our goals include enhancing security and safety requirements while improving the travel experience. In order to expand opportunities for airline competition, the Association works with airports, business travelers, consumer groups, and local officials to eliminate barriers that block meaningful competition by low-fare carriers. We want to ensure that carriers have the ability to compete at all airports throughout the U.S. We also want to ensure that all travelers have low-fare options. To achieve these results, we continue to urge Congress and government agencies, including the Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration, to take all steps necessary to promote the future of deregulation.

By promoting the availability of low-fare service, we have allowed American travelers to:

* Visit family members
* Go away to school
* Take hard-earned vacations
* Receive important medical treatment
* Visit hometowns and see old friends
* Provide valuable travel experiences for children and families
* Be there for the birth of a child or to be with a loved one
* Make valuable face-to-face contacts for business
* Take last minute trips

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