Thursday, November 24, 2011

Five Main Reasons for the Missing of Baggage

The frequent happening in the Airport spot could be the missing of Baggage.When someone misses their baggage they will make rush to their airline’s baggage services desk and complain that their bag has not arrived. The airline’s baggage services desk ask to see for the baggage identification stub and record the information about the type of bag, color, and where you can be reached. They ensure you that as soon as it arrives; it will be delivered to you. At this point a query arises - how do these bags get lost in the airline abyss for hours or even days?
The Following could be some of the reasons for missing your baggage:
The first reason could be either you checked in too late or had too close of a connecting flight. Because if the guilty party is a passenger who leaves the airline slight time to process the bag through the TSA ( Transportation Security Administration ) and sort it onto a flight or else books themselves a close connection in a city that does not allow enough time for their baggage to be transferred.
Bags are typically unloaded from an aircraft and taken to a central arrangement facility where they are then collected by slope workers for the connecting flight. So if your bags make it to the sort late, the person collecting them for your next flight may have already left to make sure the bags he has are loaded in time for an on-time departure.
The second most reason may be due to the weight restriction. A rule has been declared by FAA - how much cargo must be carried by the airlines.
The next reason will be the amount of baggage space which is extremely limited due to the increased use of regional jets by airlines.
Baggage At AirlinesMost of the baggage is lost by the carelessness of the ramp employees. For example, the ticket agents may take a wrong tag and put it your bag, sending it to Malaysia instead of USA. So have the habit of checking your bag tag before giving it to Transportation Security Administration. Make sure that your tag contains your name, the destination and all stops in between listed.
The final reason could be that many bags may look similar. So be aware of your bags before you going to pick it up.
To overcome these problems airlines are moving towards real-time baggage tracking. It is the process of scanning every bag as it leaves or goes through an airplane, and every time that it is moved to a new part of the airport. Based on this technology the ramp officers may have a look on your bag’s ID integer and tell you where it was previously scanned and at the same it send an alert to the manager at that city to make sure that it is punctually processed.

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