Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to Find Dirt Cheap Airline Tickets from the Major Airlines

Check the Airlines
Even though you can find dirt cheap airline tickets from several low-cost carriers each season, there are still some deals to had by the major airlines. Many savvy travelers can find dirt cheap airline tickets to their destination of choice from the major airlines, but tracking down these deals can take some time and patience. You will need to be fairly flexible with your travel dates and may need to fly into an alternative airport to get the cheapest airfare. Still, there are plenty of ways to cut down on those travel expenses and find some dirt cheap airline tickets to any destination.

Use some of these travel tips to find dirt cheap airline tickets from the major airlines:

Check the Airlines’ Travel Site Regularly

Stay up to date on airfare price drops and other travel deals by checking the major airlines’ website regularly. Many airlines will post some great deals on airfare and flight packages at the last minute, as well as during a special promotional period. Just remember to read all of the fine print and review all the travel restrictions and limitations. In some cases, dirt cheap airline tickets will have blackout dates and may expire in the very near future.

Check with a Travel Agent

Your travel agent may be able to tell you about the latest airline ticket price drops and rates of dirt cheap airline tickets from the major airlines. You won’t have to pay a fee for their services because the travel agent makes a commission on every ticket or travel package sold. Even if you’re searching online for dirt cheap airline tickets, you can find some great deals from a travel agent and end up saving more than you expected.

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