Thursday, June 10, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane?

WannaJet bets someone else is too… and they’ll vend you a seat for the cost of a business class ticket.

The first private jet service targeting first and business class clientele commenced yesterday. Like to the way Expedia searches commercial flights for empty seats, WannaJet drives down the costs of chartered jets by linking up passengers traveling to the same destination. Once four or extra travelers confirm a flight, WannaJet charters their jet.

Membership is free, and the service permits passengers to bypass security lines, baggage claim, delays and crappy airplane food. WannaJet partners with TastingsNYC to offer delicious custom fare like daurade sushi rolls, avocado mousse and beef crostini.

The company books flights out of small airports like New York’s Teterboro and White Plains and now has over 60 popular domestic routes. Expect costs like to a 1st or business class ticket: NYC to Boston is $560 and NYC to DC is $620 (one way).

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