Friday, September 10, 2010


The first Boeing 787 Dream liner aircraft to Air India is still delayed by 6 months, because it is still under the production and yet to step forward to commercial service worldwide.

Administrator sources said Business Line that the airline has acknowledged a communication from Boeing that there will be a delay in delivery so the aircraft will be landed around September-October 2012.

The airline had ordered 27 Boeing 787s as part of a 68-aircraft order in is a big production so only it is taking much time to land itself, where other aircraft's prepared by Air India are already being finished and delivered to the airline

The airline's Chief Operating Officer (COO), Captain Gustav Baldauf, and board member, former Air Chief Fali Major, were recently present at the Boeing plant in the US to get the update progress for the delivery of Boeing 787. India President, Dr Dinesh Keskar said that that the Boeing 787 aircraft has already been painted in the ensign of airline at the organization in Seattle.

The Boeing 787-8 aircraft can able to carry 210-250 members for the travel of 14,200-15,200 km. The special advantage is that it launches new path including Australia, Africa and U.S.A.

The airline has already demanded a compensation for the delay of Boeing, but they are sure about receiving the first aircraft in June 2010 followed by the delivery of another five aircraft during the year.

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