Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SkyRider: Modern 'saddle' seat permits airlines to 'cram' more passengers

A new aircraft “standing seat” model aimed at cramming additional airline passengers onto budget flights has been unveiled.

The new “saddle” seat, to be unveiled at a conference this week, enhances the number of seats an airline can have in its economy class.

The design, named the “SkyRider”, permits just 23 inches of legroom, which is about seven inches less than the average seat's space of 30 inches.

Shaped like to a horse saddle, passengers sit at an angle, with their weight taken on by their legs. It permits seats to be overlapped.

The seats would also present storage space as well as a shelf for carry-on bags and hooks to hang a jacket or a handbag.

"We feel very confident that this idea will ... have great plea to airlines for economic purposes," Dominique Menoud, the company's director general, told USA Today.

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