Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2 Alaska Airlines workers burned after jets collide at Sea-Tac

Ramp workers’ failure to pursue procedures was at the root of a low-speed collision last week between two Alaska Airlines jets at a Sea-Tac Airport gate, the airline said Tuesday.

Those two workers, employees of contractor Menzies Aviation, no extended work for the company.

The airline said the driver of a pushback tug misplaced sight of the wing walker as the tug driver made a sharp turn to proper a mistake he made in pushing the aircraft away from the gate. He abortive to see the wing walker’s signal to stop.

Proper procedure calls for the tug driver to halt his development if he can’t observe the wing walker.

One aircraft’s winglet was substituted that day, and the plane re-entered service. The other aircraft has been renovated and is re-entering Alaska’s active fleet today.

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