Monday, November 22, 2010

Another Mayday: Delta Airline engine breakdown in Atlanta

Atlanta - In the last month, Delta has had three emergency landing in the United States, all with good outcomes appreciation to good pilot airmanship. Late Sunday, Delta Airline declared an emergency behind leaving New York bound for Moscow.

The Boeing 767 had 193 passengers and 11 crew members on board and fire was reported on the wing by witnesses, and the FAA, established that there was engine problems. The aircraft dumped its fuel over the ocean and returned to the airport securely. The 200 unharmed passengers boarded a dissimilar aircraft and sustained to their Russian destination.

Today, there are reports of yet one more air emergency for Delta, forcing them to return to Atlanta, Georgia with engine troubles after it departed for Los Angeles. Declaring a full engine failure, it too landed securely at the airport.

On Sept 27, DJ reported Delta landing in New York after one landing wheel botched to engage, with 64 passengers and crew members on board. The thankful passengers considered the pilot a hero.

Globally, on Nov 4, Delta on route to Amsterdam carrying 244 people, as well declared an emergency in Mumbai, landing in safety.

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