Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Continental is initial U.S. airline to fly 737s with Sky Interior

Continental Airlines says it has become the first North American carrier to obtain delivery of a new 737-800 with Boeing's new Sky Interior.

In a press release, Continental notes "this all-new interior features recently sculpted sidewalls, energy-efficient LED lighting and bigger overhead bins that take back into the ceiling, allowing stowage of additional roll-aboard bags. Other features comprise superior ventilation and cabin-noise reduction for customers and new, touch-screen flight attendant panels and controls."

“When customers first step on the plane, they will without delay notice the fresh cabin architecture," says Ron Baur, who holds the title of "Vice President - Fleet" at Continental.

"This modern interior gives the airplane a more open look and sense while rising cabin comfort and overhead storage space," he adds.

Continental did not provide a specific date that the new jet would fly with paying customers, saying it would first fly the aircraft to its Orlando maintenance facility to be outfitted with winglets.

Continental adds that it plans receive delivery of "several more 737s with the new Sky Interior in 2011."

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